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Anomalies Club Night – Szeneputzen December 21, 2019

ANOMALIE CLUB NIGHT invites Szeneputzen ♥
SAT, 21.12.2019 // open doors= 11:00 pm

– Echoes Of October
– Sept
– Wallis – jell
– Seizmo vs. Sound of Suicide

– Daray vs. CALLE
– K49 vs. Phazer
– Flotto vs. Zintel

– Nikolas Soat
– Flosskowitsch


Szeneputzen – Cyrosion December 6, 2019

Earlier this year, we rose from our own ashes. What followed were flights through fire, boiling emotions & sweaty excesses. But now the cold & darkness is coming again & 2019 is approaching its inevitable end. But we are not at this point yet, so we ask for the last dance of our resurrection year!

Please respect out no-photo policy & pay attention to your fellow human beings!

– Thomas P. Heckmann (Trope Recordings/AFU Limited)
– Mayeul (Molekül) [FRA]
– Draugr *live* (WRONGNOTES/RAW) [FRA]
– Jan Vercauteren (Rave Alert) [BEL]
– SWHR *hybrid* (Szeneputzen)
– Seizmo (Szeneputzen)
– CALLE (Szeneputzen)

– Schmitzkatzki (techtakel)
– Ben Bear(Anomalie)
– K49 (Szeneputzen)
– Nikolas Soat (Szeneputzen)

Szeneputzen – Supernova September 20, 2019

Der Sommer neigt sich immer mehr dem Ende zu. Doch wir werden keinesfalls warten bis er sich von alleine verabschiedet, sondern die Sonne selbst mit einer Supernova in die Winterpause schicken. Seid bereit euch an die Grenzen eures Siedepunktes zu befördern & einen neuen Hitzerekord für September aufzustellen!

We want you to respect our no-photo policy!

– Ayarcana (VEYL/South London Analogue Material) [ITA]
– Ida Engelhardt (BunkerBauer/Fast Forward) [DEN]
– x – H – x (Raise Booking/HDN) [FRA]
– Daray (Szeneputzen)
– CALLE (Szeneputzen)

– Edward Ean (Beton/Decoy Records)
– SODA KIDS (live) [CAN]
– Vittjas Tief b2b Kindred (ɹǝqüɟdoʞ)
– Phazer (Szeneputzen)
– Zintel (Szeneputzen)

– Nicosh (Fuffzig/Achtzig)

– DJ Biomüll (BCCO/Wemaisnone)

2 Jahre Szeneputzen June 14, 2019

Two years ago our first event was founded in an small circle. Two yeasty years filled with pleasure, ecstasis, excesses & acceptance, always accompanied by passionate DJ´s, an unique crowd & a special crew. Two years which led us to this point & giving us the opportunity to invite you to such an banging line-up for our anniversary.

But before the start inside, we´ll have an open air at Polygon´s garden.

We want you to respect our no-photo policy!

BUNKER (Industrial/Acid):
– JKS (Molekül/RAW) [FRA]
– MOTH (Grounded/T/W/B) [FRA]
– ØRGIE (Mekanikal Bloodshed) [FRA]
– Anton Johnsen (Suspekt Records)
– Seizmo (Szeneputzen)
– Sound of Suicide (Szeneputzen)

SAAL (Techno/Hypnotic Techno):
– Dr. Motte (PRAXXIZ) [Father of the Loveparade]
– Dennis Rema (Scander/Symbiotikka)
– Willi Wonker (Deep Frequencies/Kom.Bass)
– Flotto (Szeneputzen)
– PABLO. (Szeneputzen)

GARDEN (Tech-House/Techno):
– Nikolas Soat (Szeneputzen)
– Mill House (Szeneputzen)
– Zintel (Szeneputzen)

THIRD (Eurodance/Trash):
– DJ Pfeffi (Szeneputzen)
– DJ Biomüll (Boschain/Wemaisnone)

Szeneputzen – Rising March 15, 2019

A half year ago our homeplace was leveled to the ground, but now we are going to rise again from the dust. On a new club, with new styles of techno we stay true to our concept of hedonistic excesses, free development of the individual, diversity & collective togetherness. The Polygon grasps all these aspects too & gives us a place with an industrial & also an nonchalant atmosphere.

To ensure this, we want you to respect our no-photo policy!

BUNKER (Industrial/Acid):
– Gijensu (WRONGNOTES/RAW Agency) [SWE]
– Corium (Level Delta)
– Rasval (Bipølar)
– Flotto (Szeneputzen)
– Sound of Suicide (Szeneputzen)

SAAL (Tech-House/Hypnotic Techno):
– Dachgeschoss (techtakel)
– Josephine Wedekind (Schiffbruch/Digital Structures)
– Yves Meyer b2b PABLO. (Setisfaction/Szeneputzen)
– Mill House (Szeneputzen)
– Zintel (Szeneputzen)

THIRD (Eurodance/Alternative):
– Nicosh (Fuffzig/Achtzig)
– Friedrich Raphael (Nautilus)